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Printing Plant for Bank of Thiland

Work Value : 2,569,149,115 Baht
Principle : Bank of Thailand
Started Date : 15 December 2004
Completed Date : 8 July 2006
Description : It is the Reinforced Concrete Building with large underground floor that there is area about 5,361 m2. Gross area of building is 91,000 m2. This building is composed by the printing plant, office building, store service building, engineering building, computer center, and others.

Kongkiat Textile Co.,LTD

Principle : Kongkiat Textile Co.,Ltd.
Started Date : 1 February 2001
Completed Date : 26 August 2001

The National Metrology Development System Project II

Work Value : 348,000,000 Baht
Principle : National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)
Started Date : 1 June, 2003
Completed Date : 26 December, 2004
Description : It is the special design building that there are the air condition system and air compression system that make it can control temperature and moisture. Furthermore it’s designed to be the conserving energy building.

Restoration on Thai Khu Fah Building Government House

Principle : The Secretarial of the Prime Minister.
Started Date : December 6, 2002
Completed Date : September 30,2003
Description : It is the Thai Applied Architecture Building that is built in Ram Rakop Prince. It is the the office of ministry many times. This restoration is the big overhaul in order to welcome the APEC 2003 Meeting.


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